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"AGROPRODMASH-2016" - 21st international exhibition

AGROPRODMASH-2016 - 21-th international exhibition «Equipment, machines and ingredients for food and processing industry»

Themed salon Moscow Ingredients Expo

«Agroprodmash» – the main business platform of the food industry of Russia Salon "the Ingredients, additives and spices" – the largest exhibition in Russia (an area of over 5,000 sq m)Салон «Ингредиенты, добавки и специи» – крупнейшая экспозиция в России (площадь более 5 000 кв. м)

Participants – industry leaders from 23 countries

The geography: Austria, Germany, Belarus, India, Ireland, Italy, China, Netherlands, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Czech Republic, Finland, Spain, Denmark, Israel, Latvia, Poland, Bulgaria, Peru, Hungary.

The largest participants of the salon: ALMI GmbH (Austria), WIBERG(Austria) ZALTECH (Austria); A. SPICE (Austria); MOGUNTIA (Poland–Germany), FRUTAROM (Israel); SOJAPROTEIN (Serbia); M PROFOOD (Hungary); KERRY (Ireland); CHIMAB (Italy); REGIS (Poland); HYDROSOL (Germany); "BANG&BONSOMER" (Finland); BARENTZ (the Netherlands); "OMEGA CC", "CHRIST", "the CONSUL", "AROMAROS", "KOLVI", "GK PTI", "GIMPED", "GLORY", "OREGANO", "REVADA", "NESS", "YANTA WEST", "RNT", "SANGARD", "NORD PLUS", "ASSETS", etc.

The ingredients market in Russia: According to analysts, the Russian market of food ingredients is about $2.5–3 billion, while 75-80% of the market of import. Growth rates above the average for the food industry and are on average 5-7% per annum (RBC Research).In 2015 the exhibition was visited by 20 650 employees, which is 7.8% more than in 2014

The exhibition «Agroprodmash» is a unique project that demonstrates modern technology to all sectors of the food processing industry. 16 thematic salons of the exhibition give visitors the opportunity to be aware of advanced solutions for production of food products and beverages.

source: www.agroprodmash-expo.ru